Developments in Des Moines

Des Moines is booming – just check here, here and here. And for all the food-lovers out there, you’ll be happy to learn that a good chunk of this growth is coming from bars and restaurants. Businesses are investing in Des Moines and the bustling population, catering to people on the go while providing a variety of goods and services. In the past year, this Midwestern hub of development has seen over a dozen establishments open their doors, so if you can’t decide what to do this weekend, think about doing your taste buds a favor. Continue reading “Developments in Des Moines”

Trekking Trails: Get Outdoors in Iowa

Picture this: It’s sunny, above 20 degrees, and there’s not a cloud in sight. You have the whole day free, and you’ve finished binging on Netflix. It’s time to take to the trails, and get outdoors. But before you grab your kids, your bike, your dog and your friends, think about this: How is it possible that you get to go outside and enjoy all that Iowa’s landscape has to offer and not pay a single cent? Continue reading “Trekking Trails: Get Outdoors in Iowa”