Top 5 Food Places in Des Moines

A slice of cake from one of Des Moines many great restaurants!

Des Moines is home to hundreds of restaurants and bars. There are plenty of interesting spots and areas to explore such as Ingersoll, the East Village, and Drake Dogtown. Walking around the beautiful downtown you’ll notice many restaurants and lovely views. However, there are many gems hidden in plain sight that are local secrets! This definitive ranking list is here to help those non-locals find some of our favorite gems. 

  1. The Mullet’s, Highlife Lounge, and El Bait Shop Family

Of all the food places in Des Moines, this group of restaurants will give you amazing service and food every time. All owned by the same group of people these restaurants boast cheap drinks and great classic American cuisine. With Highlife Lounge and El Bait being located in the same building it’s no surprise they both have dedicated regulars. 

  1. Ceviche Bar

Nestled in the East Village of Des Moines Ceviche Bar is a hop skip and jump away from the amazing shops and businesses on Locust Street. The bar has an amazing ambiance and Cuban food that will satisfy your appetite. It also is one of the only places to find great Paella in the state. 

  1. Lachele’s Fine Foods

On Ingersoll Lachele’s Fine Foods looks like a 50’s diner inside. However, the kitchen is exploding with fun flavors and modern combos. With its fast and convenient service, Lachele’s is perfect for date nights looking for a quick bite and casual meet-ups between friends.  

  1. Blu Thai and Sushi 

Blu is a lovely place within walking distance of the Papajohn Sculpture Park. With a lovely staff and delicious cultural Thai food, Blu is an excellent choice for a first date after walking in the park. Come for their curries and stay for the Thai Tea.

  1. Christophers 

Christophers has been a Des Moines staple for over 60 years. The business has been serving Italian-American cuisine and great vibes for decades. This place is fantastic for families and friends to enjoy each other’s company and laugh over classic pastas. 

Honorable Mention: Simon’s aka J. Benjamin’s 

Simon’s is a hole in the wall that you’ll want to take the time to stop at! With their amazing atmosphere and fantastic food, it is not hard to understand why people will line up before the restaurant even opens just to try and score a table!

Of all the food places in Des Moines, these are just a few of the city’s hidden treasures. There are many others that you can find all over the city. Whether they are quick bites or sit-downs they all represent the diverse tastes and loves of people in our great city. Take some time to explore Des Moines and find your favorite.