Des Moines Crime Rates and Safety

Planning on moving to Des Moines? Des Moines is generally a safe place to live, but there are a few things that you should keep in mind. There are some statistics that you definitely don’t want to ignore to make sure that you and people you care about are safe. Des Moines’ overall crime rate is 107% higher than the national average. That being said, you may wany to be careful when choosing to explore the Des Moines area.

Any bigger city will have higher crime rates overall, but knowing which areas are safer than others can make a big difference when it comes to how comfortable you feel overall. While crime rates are higher than the national average in Des Moines, there are steps you can take to stay safe and enjoy the city. The first step to staying safe in Des Moines is making yourself aware of the types of crime occuring, exactly where they occur, and learning proper ways to take precautions.

There’s a 1/37 chance in Des Moines of becoming a victim of property crime. You may want to explore the idea of adding cameras to your property, as well as a strong security system.

In 2016 the rate of car thefts in Des Moines was 682 per 100,000 residents. You are going to want to be aware of where you are parking, remember to lock the doors. Leave only bare mininum of personal items in your car laying about inviting pedestrians to explore further.

That being said, after interviewing 35 people, 63% reported that they do feel safe in this city. And there is a low amount of street crime throughout Des Monies. With all big cities, make sure you walk in groups because there is saftey in numbers.

With all those stats in mind, Des Moines is overall a safe place to live. There a group called, Operation Downtown, and they strive to make sure that Des Moines is a safe place for people to live. They are the eyes and the ears on the street and they make sure to crime is lower.

Safeist Places in Des Moines to Live

There are only a view areas in Des Moines who have a low crime rate. Parts of Clive and Urbandale are some of the safeist areas in Des Moines individuals can live in. Waukee is also good with crime rates when it comes to safety matters.