Top 4 Des Moines Parks

(Image Credit: Macrae Park)

Those who are the outdoor expertise or just wants to marinate in the nature of the Des Moines area. Please look at these park suggestions on your next journey.

Gray’s Lake Park is in Des Moines, Iowa, near the downtown area. This park is located in the heart of the city, giving the public a nice place to unwind. Surrounding Grays Lake, the park has many amenities that are offered to the public. Some amenities include an accessible playground with 2 toddler bucket swings, beach, boat rental, bike rental, concessions, boat ramp, walking path/bike trail, restroom, parking lots, and open space. Some favorite activities at the park are picnics, walking around the lake, and boating. The park is relatively large at 166.6 acers, allowing Des Moines residents a place to explore the great outdoors while still in the city.  

Drake Park, named after nearby Drake University, is a public park located at 2300 Drake Park Avenue in Des Moines. The park features two tennis courts, a basketball court, a small playground, and a splash pad for local kids. 

Quaintly nestled in a historic residential area of Des Moines, Drake Park is a perfect fit for kids and families of all ages. There’s the splash pad, perfect for your wee tots. The park isn’t going to wow you with anything fancy, but the soul of Drake Park is evident within the many shaded trees of the rectangular plot of land, offering perfect relaxation on a summer day.

From 1915 to 1978, Riverview Amusement Park occupied the land south of Euclid Avenue and northwest of North High School in Des Moines. In 1978, the nearby Adventureland Park bought the Riverview but left it abandoned. A new initiative to restore the park began in 2014. The park opened once again in 2020 with an amusement park-themed playground. It was the first accessible playground in Des Moines. Nowadays, Des Moines residents and visitors get to enjoy concerts at Riverview Park’s Prairie Meadows Riviera State. The Rendezvous on Riverview series features local bands and artists, bringing in food trucks and activities for families to enjoy.

If you want a great skyline view of Downtown Des Moines, visit MacRae Park.

MacRae Park is one of the oldest parks in Des Moines, located in the Gray’s Lake Neighborhood. With 50.9 acres of land, the park offers many amenities for those who enjoy the casual outdoors. MacRae is also a park with natural native vegetation with oak-hickory forests.

MacRae Park has a playground, playgrounds, tennis courts, a pond with a pedestrian bridge, and a Sledding hill.

Do not fret if you want to rest and enjoy your time in MacRae Park. Visitors can also enjoy family time with cooking amenities such as charcoal grills, Picnic tables, drinking fountains, and more.