Did You Know Your Neighbor is World Class?

Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo was named the best zoo in the world in Trip Advisor’s World’s Best Zoo list in August 2014 and has continued in the top 3 in each list since. Never been to the Henry Doorly Zoo? The zoo focuses on conservation and the exhibits they have built in the last twenty-five years have focused on providing a natural habitat for the animals in their care. According to Isabel Adams, frequent zoo visitor, “The best thing about the zoo is the level of detail in the habitats. It doesn’t feel like the animals are in cages at all.” Continue reading “Did You Know Your Neighbor is World Class?”

Fun Facts about Drake Women’s Basketball and Their Run to the NCAA Tournament

Drake Women’s basketball is a family. You feel that when you enter the Knapp Center. The team has made the Knapp an incredible atmosphere for not only sports fans but for the city of Des Moines.

There are many fun facts about the team, players, coaches that are well worth noting and talking about. Below will be several facts about the Drake Women’s Basketball program that will make you fall in love with them like I did! Continue reading “Fun Facts about Drake Women’s Basketball and Their Run to the NCAA Tournament”

10 Amazing Stops to Make in the East Village!

One of my very favorite parts of Des Moines is a “little” neighborhood called the east village. It’s (as you’d imagine) east of the river and very near the state capitol building. It’s still considered downtown, but has a very different, eclectic feel to it. You can’t walk five steps without gazing into the windows of a beautiful storefront, or sweet coffee shop. I can spend hours there wandering around. (while stopping for coffee refills + snacks). Our dog even likes it; her favorite store is nestled in the midst of it all. So, I’ve compiled a list of everything you’d need in a neighborhood + where to find it in the east village. (if you like to walk, they’re all within walking distance). Continue reading “10 Amazing Stops to Make in the East Village!”

5 Reasons to Experience the World Food Prize Hall of Laureates

Many Des Moines citizens have noticed the World Food Prize’s Hall of Laureates building. However, many do not know it is more than just a beautiful wedding venue with magnificent gardens or a location to host important business meetings. The Hall of Laureates also tells the story of the World Food Prize journey, including their present state and what is to come. The are many reasons to visit the Hall (other than the fact that it is FREE admission); the 5 best reasons are below. Continue reading “5 Reasons to Experience the World Food Prize Hall of Laureates”