8 Reasons Why Millennials Love DSM


Des Moines might not have any major league teams but there are more than enough minor league teams to make up for it. Des Moines is home to the Iowa Wild Hockey, Iowa Cubs Baseball, Iowa Energy Basketball, Iowa Barnstormers Football, and the Des Moines Menace. Needless to say there are sports for every fan in your family. From the typical baseball, football and basketball, there are multiple hockey teams as well as Australian Football (better known as a combination of rugby and American football.) But the really amazing thing about all of the sports teams in Des Moines is that the cost of tickets to their games won’t break your bank. Continue reading “8 Reasons Why Millennials Love DSM”

7 Upcoming Concerts in Des Moines That You Can’t Miss

Des Moines’ spring and summer concert season is just around the corner. The city is jam packed with local talent and creative spaces to hear music. Local musician and artist, Jessica Villegas sat down with us to discuss why she enjoys Des Moines’ music scene.

“Des Moines’ music scene is unique. I like getting to know all the awesome musicians and being able to actually hear what’s produced around Des Moines,” she said. Continue reading “7 Upcoming Concerts in Des Moines That You Can’t Miss”

5 Iowan Podcasts that aren’t about corn

You don’t have to travel to a rural farm two counties over to learn about preventing erosion. You don’t have to get married, buy a house and get a dog to find out what it’s like. In fact, there’s a podcast for that. Iowans are taking to the (digital) airwaves to chat about a wide variety of topics. Here are five created in Iowa that you may want to tune in to. Continue reading “5 Iowan Podcasts that aren’t about corn”