Five Things You Didn’t Know about Silver Fox

There’s never a dull moment at Silver Fox, a women’s clothing store at the corner of Ingersoll and 28th. Opened in 1981, Silver Fox boasts beautiful yet wearable clothing as well as an all-women team. Store owner Mary Langen as well as Assistant Manager Gabrielle Callister strive to create a friendly and welcoming atmosphere for their customers. In a recent interview, Langen and Callister shared the five things you didn’t know about Silver Fox.

Five Things You Didn’t Know:

1. It’s isn’t just for Silver Foxes.
The name may allude to an older generation of women, but Silver Fox isn’t a store full of clothing and fashion that your grandma would wear. Mary Langen, store owner, claims that the store is always open and ready to style a new generation of foxes. (They even have Parker Smith Jeans!)

“Although the name is Silver Fox, which speaks generally to an older woman with silver or greying hair, this actually is a young person’s store as well,” said Assistant Manage Gabrielle Callister. “We’ve got fashions that are certainly for young professionals.”

2. They still treasure snail mail.

Langen and Callister are champions of the personalized shopping experience. Their appreciation of snail mail means that customers are on the mailing list for Langen’s holiday cards.

“Something that we do regularly is write personal notes to our customers to say thank you. We send out holiday cards” said Callister. Most recently, they sent out Valentines which could be returned at the store for a special gift, be it a bottle of champagne, a box of chocolates, or a discount in the store.

“When you open up your mailbox and there’s a card, you cherish it more,” Langen said.

3. It’s “the women’s barbershop.”

Silver Fox has a great atmosphere for women to relax, have a drink, and start

“we have two very kind customers, and when they tell others about the store they refer to it as the women’s barbershop.” Said Langen. “They’ll come here hang out, and then other people will join and pretty soon there’s a little cocktail party that was never planned-but it’s happening.”

4. You’ll make new friends.

When asked to reveal one of her favorite things about the store, Langen claimed hers was how customers help customers. “Someone will come out of the dressing room and other customers will go, okay, I love that and want to try it on” Langen described. “The friendship that emerges here on a regular basis is fun.”

Callister agreed. “I think this store is all about relationships and building community among women” she answered.

5. It’s your next favorite boutique.

“You don’t need a reason to stop in,” said owner Mary Langen. “You can simply come in because maybe you’re having a bad day or you don’t have a girlfriend – you can come in and just get immediate support.”

With a welcoming atmosphere and trendy clothing, Silver Fox will surely be you next favorite place to shop and socialize. Come for the clothing, stay for the community: Silver Fox is your friendly neighborhood boutique on the corner of Ingersoll and 28th.

Come visit the store for yourself and fall in love with the clothing and community. Silver Fox is open 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. every Monday through Saturday.