Next Up and Coming City In Central Iowa?!

With the rapid growth of central Iowa in the last ten years, central Iowa has become a hot spot for growth and development. With Des Moines, West Des Moines, Waukee and dozens of others being modernized and expanded, people are always looking for the next up and coming city. The next up and coming city might surprise you but definitely shouldn’t be looked over. It is just 18 miles West of West Des Moines, has a strong community base and is undergoing a massive $2.1 million renovation to its historic downtown.

So Where is it?!

The next up and coming city in central Iowa is Earlham. Yes, Earlham! This rural town not far away from suburban life is rich with history and a loyal community base. Country Living Magazine recognized Earlham on the 11 US Small Towns About to Get a Whole Lot Bigger (#5).

Within this small town is the historic Bricker-Price Block. Built in 1900, this building has been a structure and a landmark of Earlham almost as long as Earlham has been a town. It has been used for many things including a clothing store, beauty salon and even someone’s residence. After all of this use, the building was in desperate need of repair and fast.

Who thought of the idea?

Someone did act fast. Sharon Krause, who has a farm in Earlham, decided that she wanted to make a difference for this amazing community. I sat down with Sharon to talk to her about what motivated her to take on such a huge task.

“One night at dinner, I was talking to my husband (Kyle Krause) about how cool it is for Des Moines to be growing. I expressed that I wish it could also happen to Earlham. Kyle said why don’t I do something myself. Shortly after this conversation, the Bricker-Price Block went up for sale and I knew this was my opportunity to give back to a community I had fallen in love with.”

She bought the building and began planning the transformation of this remarkable structure. Once renovated the building will house a new restaurant downstairs and upstairs will have several rooms for meetings, events, and culinary classes. The project is currently taking applications for the restaurant and the RFP can be found here.

How can I help?!

Currently, fundraising is still going and will be expected to continue until completion of the project. The project is beginning next week and is expected to be completed in early 2018. If you would like to contribute to the project or support the fundraising, there are several options to help. You can purchase all sorts of merchandise or make a cash donation at the link provided below or just like them on Bricker-Price Block Facebook page.

It is great to see that Iowa is continuing to grow and build as a modern state. All Iowans and those who call Iowa home, can’t wait to see how the state continues to grow and evolve over the years.