Top 4 Des Moines Murals that Popped Up in 2016

Des Moines natives are no strangers to the city’s push for public art around the city. In 2016, quite a few new murals were created throughout the Des Moines Area. Here are four of the latest additions to the city’s vast gallery.

Figure 5.1

The West Glen Town Center mural is tucked in the alleyway between Cowboy Jack’s and Winestyles in West Des Moines. While it is a small and out-of-the-way space for a painting, the massive bright abstract shapes looping and mingling throughout the work is a pleasure for anyone who is lucky enough to spot it.

Artist Brett Budzinski who created the mural in 2016 noted, “My work has always been inspired by relationships I have with other people. The mural was inspired by friends and friendships I had made over the summer.” The bright colors and visual movement in the mural are a treat for any passerby.

Budzinski and more of his work can be found on these platforms:


Cheers from Des Moines

If you’re into biking, beer or a combination of the two, you will appreciate this mural found on the Exile Brewery building. Artist Ben Schuh, an avid biker and beer enthusiast, created this mural featuring some Des Moines favorites such as the iconic Capitol building and the Keynote bridge.

This mural is just one of many sponsored by Adore Your Walls. This art advisory service has created the Des Moines Walls Project and is only just beginning its beautification and adornment of Des Moines’ buildings. Des Moines residents can look forward to the group sponsoring many more murals in the metropolitan area.


University Library Café Mural

You may already be familiar with “No Action Too Small” by Chris Vance in the East Village, but did you know about the mural’s smaller sidekick?

Located on the West side of the University Library Café, this mural features the same style and lovable monsters as its East village counterpart. Vance created the smaller piece in the fall of 2016 as part of an effort to beautify the area and it has been a fun and funky sight for drivers heading East down University Avenue.

Check out the mural and stop in the café for ice-cold draught while you’re at it.


Natural Grocers Store Mural

Even after his outstanding work on the University Library Café, Chris Vance did not drop his spray paint there. By the end of 2016, he had created a mural for the Natural Grocers Store.

Fans may be surprised to find the mural free of his usual goofy characters, but the mural still features vibrant and explosive colors mixed with the carefree abstract shapes typical of Vance’s style. To see more of Vance’s work and current projects, check out his website at


For more information about current artwork and works in progress around the Des Moines community, visit the Greater Des Moines Public Art Foundation at .