Let’s Taco’bout the best Mexican Food In Des Moines!

I found myself here in Des Moines hunting for a little spice in life. I thought to myself what better way than Mexican food! So I decided to find the perfect taco. I narrowed it down to three restaurants Malo, Tacohangover, and Tacopocalypse. Each restaurant adds their own spin into the traditional tacos.

Malo was first on my plate. It gave me the good kick of flavor I was seeking. Located in downtown Des Moines on Mulberry Street Malo combined the traditional Mexican style cuisine with a special unique spin.

Their menu has a wide rage of options from shrimp tacos to seafood enchiladas. Since I was setting out to find the best taco I tried the Chile Relleno taco, it stole my heart. It’s poblano pepper stuffed with the Malo cheese blend, battered and fried; with cabbage, pico de gallo and jorge’s salsa makes my mouth water just thinking about it again.

What’s even better about Malo is their awesome happy hour. Tacos are only $5.99! Malo would be a great place for a yummy date night. Go check out their website for their full menu!

Next stop was Tacohangover out in West Des Moines. Man do they know how to whip up a great taco!

They have a great patio for when you’re feeling a little uneasy from the night before, hence their clever catchy name! I personally jaw dropped over the Beer Can Roasted Chicken taco with chipotle crema. It was the perfect balance of indulgence and spice.

All tacos range from 3 to 5 dollars which means you never have to settle for just one! Go check out what other great food they have on their website.

Last but not least is Tacopocalypse. This place takes the cake for originality when it comes to originality and ambiance.

Tacopocalypse is located in the East Village in the heart of downtown Des Moines. This little resturant has wide rage of items on its menu. They have come up with things you wouldn’t normally think go together and created something delicious.

For example I started with their Korean Chicken taco with spicy mayo and spicy slaw. It was unreal the amount of flavor there was in that one tac, not to mention there prices are just as on point! With 1 taco for $3 or 2 for $5 how can you argue!?

Only downside to this happenin’ busy restaurant is that it is very small yet extremely popular! Limited seating is available so keep that in mind on your next visit!

Here is their full menu.

When questioned about their favorite Mexican place in Des Moines, Sydney Watson from Lawrence, Kanas said, “Tacopocalypse is the best place to get the most flavor and best taco in Des Moines ”

I couldn’t agree more with her.


So there you have it! My little #TacoTour of Des Moines Iowa! Tune in next week to find out just which Jethro’s location has the best deals and the best food! Which location do you think is the best? Reach out using the hashtag #myjethros and vote which location is your favorite and why. Who knows, your favorite could win!