The 5 best dishes at Des Moines’ hottest new restaurant

With the exploding restaurant scene in Des Moines, it can be hard to guarantee that you’ll order something to-die-for off of a new restaurant’s menu. Lucky for you, we’ve found a foolproof way for you to leave one of Des Moines’ hottest spots satisfied – and maybe even happy.

“Come angry, stay angry.” That’s what the staff shirts at the Angry Goldfish Pub and Eatery boast. However, with a menu this delectable, we found it impossible to do just that.

Having opened just one month ago, this up and coming restaurant on the south side of Des Moines is still operating on a limited menu, but that doesn’t stop them from serving some of the most delicious and satisfying food in the Metro. Here are the Angry Goldfish’s five best dishes (we promise you’ll be glad you tried them):

Beer Cheese Dip – Appetizers are often overlooked, but this is one starter dish you won’t want to miss! Served with warm, salted Bavarian pretzel sticks, this rich dip is a perfect balance of beer and sharp cheddar flavors – and will easily fulfill all of your cheese-related hopes and dreams.

Angry Bowl – A full breakfast/brunch menu is highly anticipated, but for now, the Angry Goldfish is tiding us over quite nicely with this hearty breakfast bowl. The “hangover cure” includes tater tots, bacon, and two over easy eggs and is topped with that beer cheese we’re so crazy about.

Bruschetta Chicken Sandwich – This grilled chicken sandwich is anything but boring! With Swiss cheese, lettuce and tomato, and topped with a basil garlic aioli and a parmesan balsamic reduction, this dish will leave you begging for more.

Your Grandpa’s Breakfast – For those of you who are 21+ and love their Sunday-Funday, taking a tip from a south-side Grandpa might be in order. Come hungry (and thirsty!) when you order this dish! It comes with a huge chunk of ham, goat cheese, and a baguette, as well as a killer bloody mary and a miniature Miller High Life.

Burger and Fries – There is something sacred about a good cheeseburger, so it looks like the Angry Goldfish might just be our new place of worship. Their traditional burger is everything you could as for, but if you’re feeling a little adventurous, you have to try the sweet-with-a-kick pineapple burger. As an added bonus, you can get a burger and a pint of beer for only $10 on Tuesdays – and those fries can be swapped out for tater tots!

Don’t want to take our word for it? We all know that the surefire way to have a great experience at a new restaurant is to ask those who know the menu forward and backward: the staff members.

“Asking me to pick my favorite dish off of the menu is like asking a mother to pick her favorite child: its just not a fair question,” argued Katherine Lewis, Angry Goldfish manager. “I can’t get enough of the beer cheese dip or the poutine. But I will say, some of the absolute best that we have to offer has yet to come!”

What could possibly be better than these amazing dishes? You’ll have to stop into the Angry Goldfish to find out.