Where to find the perfect coffee shop for your Enneagram in Des Moines

We’ve all taken it – the Enneagram personality assessment. If you haven’t, stop what you’re doing right now and take the test here. Now that you’ve found your type (and likely have been thrust into an existential crisis like no other), you can start researching the niche interests and characteristics associated with people with your type. For all my Des Moines Enneagram enthusiasts and lucky visitors, I’ve compiled a list of the best coffee shops in the 515 for your type.

Type 1: Ritual Café

Nicknamed “the Reformer,” Type 1 is defined by a need to be good, to feel balanced, and is defined by their pursuit of integrity. The best coffee shop for the Type 1 has to be just that: ethically sourced, balanced in flavor and aesthetics, and known for its quality. That’s why Ritual Café is the best spot for the Type 1. The drinks are crafted by careful hands and accompanied by an inclusive vegan menu. Ritual Café is cozy, comfortable, and is all about inclusion.

Type 2: Plain Talk Books & Coffee

Type 2 loves to feel loved. Also called “The Helper,” Type 2’s have a heightened sensitivity for others, and always put those close to them first. That’s why Plain Talk Books & Coffee is the spot for them. It’s a cozy little coffee and sandwich shop nestled in the East Village. The intimate setting is perfect for a caffeine boost with a friend. All of their coffee is fair-trade, and you can pick up a book or a piece of merchandise for that one friend who couldn’t make it.

Type 3: DrieBerge Coffee

I firmly identify as a Type 3, so I dug a little deeper to find the perfect coffee space for all of the other 3’s out there. This type is nicknamed “The Achiever.” They seek affirmation from other’s and love to be recognized for their accomplishments. Type 3’s have a strong work ethic and desire to feel valued and worthwhile by those around them. So, next time you’re hung up on a work project and need a space to get all of your work done quickly with a healthy caffeine boost, Type 3 should check out DreiBerge Coffee. Framed with sturdy wooden furniture, plenty of natural light, and ample work space, DreiBerge is the perfect spot for your next meeting or study session.

Type 4: Zanzibar’s Coffee Adventure

The thing that Type 4’s want the most in this world is to establish a strong sense of self. For this identity-driven type, I would recommend a trip to Zanzibar’s Coffee Adventure. Zanzibar’s is a wonderful roastery on Ingersoll Avenue. It’s small dining area is perfect for sitting alone on your laptop or with a good book. Plus, you get to indulge in some of the best espresso in Des Moines!

Type 5: Java Joes Coffeehouse

Nicknamed “The Investigator,” Type 5 is driven by a need to be capable and competent. They seek knowledge, and love to dive deep into niche topics. They find safety in their minds, and often feel like a bit of an outsider. Fear not, Type 5, if you seek refuge from a world that doesn’t seem to understand you, you can find it in Java Joes Coffeehouse (the big one on 4th Street off Court Avenue). The eclectic decorations and the sheer size of this local coffee shop is the perfect escape for the Type 5. If you want to feel a little less weird, check out what other weirdos have written on the bathroom walls and I guarantee that you’ll feel a little less alone in the world.

Type 6: Mars Café

The Type 6 is extremely loyal. They need to feel secure and supported, so they often confide in those close to them and form strong relationships. For all the Type 6’s that have been around Des Moines long enough should know that the obvious answer here is Mars Café. If you went to Drake University, Mars was probably the first coffee shop you ventured to, and you’ve stuck with it ever since. If you haven’t been to the one situated in the Drake Neighborhood, then you’ve probably indulged at the one nestled next to Raygun Shirts in the East Village. Mars is a cornerstone for Des Moines loyalists, which is why it’s perfect for the Type 6.

Type 7: Scenic Route

Better known as “The Enthusiast,” Type 7 is driven by a desire to feel satisfied and content. These are your thrill seekers, your big personalities, your daring thinkers. Type 7’s are social butterflies that live for the moment. That’s why you’re likely to find them at Scenic Route Bakery. Big tables are perfect for gatherings with friends, and the friendly staff will perk up your day just as well as a latte. They have a huge selection of sugary pastries, a cohesive lunch menu, and a unique selection of specialty drinks. On sunny days, the Type 7 can even venture onto their patio where they can use their “outside voice.”

Type 8: Horizon Line Coffee

This type is known as “The Challenger.” They stay true to their core values and they value control. They often feel a need to protect themselves from the variability and uncertainty in the world, and hold a tight grip on their lives and destinies. This one was a bit trickier to pin down. The Type 8 needs something simple, clean, and consistent. That’s why Horizon Line Coffee is the best spot for them. The quality of each roast always beats expectations, and they don’t mess around with frills.

Type 9: Grounds for Celebration

Last but not least, the Type 9 is known as “The Peacemaker.” They strive for inner stability and peace of mind. Their presence is relaxed and grounded, you may even characterize them as easy-going and steady. They never cry over spilled milk; they are always looking at the big picture. That’s why the perfect coffee shop for the Type 9 is Grounds for Celebration in Beaverdale. It’s cozy and comfortable, the perfect place to pop in for a spontaneous visit and take your time. The fireplace adds a tranquil touch, and they have a large variety of flavors and varieties of coffee (and gelato) to choose from. Carpe Diem!

So far, no other personality assessment has so perfectly captured me, my beliefs, my goals, or my fears as well as the Enneagram. If you read through all of this and still don’t know your type, follow this link to find out which type best describes you! Like what you read? Follow us on Instagram and Facebook for more!