Cowles Library Archives in Des Moines

Cowles Library is the largest private academic library in Iowa. Under Drake University, Cowles Library supports a variety of digital and print collections. Cowles Library has several archive collections, including eScholarshare and a repository of work from Drake faculty and students. The archive is navigable through SuperSearch, and nearly 100 databases can be accessed through this interface. The library is open to the public, though a few resources are unavailable for non-university members. The Cowles Supersearch provides a quick guide to the Cowles archives. Databases can be browsed based on subject, major, or media. Drake University has a variety of archives outside of the library, too, that can be accessed through the web. Drake University Digital Collections is open to researchers worldwide. The Drake Law School has an archival collection within its library documenting the history of the school and library.

For students, the EBSCO online archives are available through the Cowles Library. Students can access EBSCOhost Web, the Spanish version, and the integrated search. They can also see the Business Searching Interface, the Literary Reference Center, Small Business Reference Center, Biological Abstracts, and a variety of other EBSCO services. These provide great resources for academics, and more limited versions of the archives are available to the public. More than just Drake University’s catalogs, though, the Cowles Library archives contain histories from other establishments like Cambridge University and the Chicago Tribune. For any student interested in history, there are a wide variety of subjects available for research. The Cowles Library archives have access to dozens of collections about a variety of topics. Declassified documents, Civil War Newspapers and magazines, a listener archive, and many more. Not only history students benefit from these collections, though. The archives also hold a complete collection of the Oxford Handbooks covering subjects such as business, philosophy, religion, literature, and psychology. Many classical books, letters, images, and thousands of academic journals provide a wealth of information for any curious student.

Found in Des Moines’ home university, Cowles Library acts as a free service for Drake University students as well as Des Moines residents. It acts as a service to connect Des Moines residents with books, texts, pamphlets, and vinyl that might otherwise be inaccessible to the public. The Cowles Library staff, too, are valuable wells of information. Occasionally, guest speakers and events are held in the library, providing Des Moines residents with invaluable insight from professionals.

5 Coffee Shops to Study at Around Drake University

It can be challenging trying to find a good coffee shop to study at around Drake University. Do you enjoy going to the library to study or going to a coffee shop?

Coffee shops are great for early morning risers or late night studiers. Need a boost of energy? A coffee shop has what you are looking for! Add some espresso or add a caffeinated beverage, and you will be set!

Not only do coffee shops serve great drinks, they also have great food menus as well. Whether someone is looking for a soup, sandwich, or a salad, a coffee shop is there for you.

Pictured below is a cappuccino and one of the many food options provided by Mars Café.

Below are five coffee shops that many students choose to study at. Each coffee shop has different menu options. Each coffee shop also has different seating availability as well.

1) Mars Café


  • Across the street from Drake University’s campus
  • Locally owned business
  • Reading area, tables, and booths available

2) Smokey Row


  • Late night study hours
  • Comfortable booth seating
  • Serves ice cream and malts

3) Grounds for Celebration


  • Beaverdale or Windsor heights location – both close to campus
  • Serves tasty gelato
  • Sit with friends or at your own table if you have a lot of stuff

4) Caribou Coffee


  • Less than 10 minutes from Drake University’s campus
  • Alternative study area if Smokey Row is too busy
  • Late night study hours

5) Twisted Bean Coffee Company


  • Lots of available seating, whether alone or with friends/groups
  • Locally owned business
  • Big Açai Bowl (which is hard to find in the Des Moines area)

All these coffee shops sell good merchandise and have very tasty coffee and food menus! They also allow for outside seating if the weather is friendly enough to study outside.

Two Drake students interviewed about which is their favorite coffee shop to study at and why. Both stated they enjoy studying at Twisted Bean Coffee Company.

“I like Twisted Bean because it is very pretty in there, and it gets kind of busy but not where it’s overcrowded. Like a nice buzz to study too. Also great lattes!!” Provided by a junior at Drake University.

“I enjoy Twisted Bean because it has natural lighting which allows me to study better.” This also expressed by another junior at Drake University.

Twisted Bean Coffee Company is an uncommon place for Drake students. Many students have never heard of Twisted Bean. Some students may have heard of it, but they do not know where the location of the coffee shop is.  Merle Hay road in Urbandale is one of the locations. Linked above is the address and business hours for Twisted Bean.

The spring semester is beginning, and these coffee shops are here for you! Attached above are links to their websites. These links provide information such as pictures for seating and menu options.

This semester, try one of these coffee shops out. Drink a coffee, grab a bite to eat, and study away!