Des Moines Farmers Market to Return Early May

Get ready for a fun activity full of food, shopping, entertainment, and more as the Des Moines’ Downtown Farmers Market will return for the season on May 6, 2023. The farmers market is a lovely tradition of Des Moines, Iowa as it offers a fun family-friendly atmosphere in the heart of the city. 

About the Market

When in season, the Des Moines’ farmers market is located in the city’s historic court district, near the Polk County courthouse. Parking is offered nearby, but the streets are closed to cars and limited to pedestrians, making a safe and easy to navigate environment.

The market is perfect to enjoy with family and friends, and is suitable for all ages. It is also pet-friendly. The market is open 7 am to noon on weekends, offering a great morning experience. The season runs from May to October, making sure visitors will have enjoyable weather to experience and take full advantage of all that the farmers market has to offer.

What is Offered?

Food and Drink

The Des Moines farmers market offers a variety of options for goers. Enjoy ready-made food and drinks from multiple vendors, as well as fresh produce, poultry, and other food and drink items. Many local restaurants often have a stand at the market, allowing visitors to enjoy all of the favorite foods of Des Moines in one place. Being open early in the morning, the farmers market is best known for its multitude of delicious breakfast options from freshly prepared meals such as breakfast bowls or sandwiches to baked goods.

Many vendors also offer delicious drink options, including smoothies, juices, teas, boba, and more. The market truly does offer options for everyone. Even more exciting, vendors at the market change occasionally throughout the season, offering visitors to the market to continuously enjoy new food and drinks.

Art & Handmade Goods

Other than food, the farmers market has vendors that sell plants and flowers, art, and many other handmade goods. Take home a beautiful new plant or piece of art and have a piece of Des Moines in your home, or find gift options for the special people in your life. Most importantly, vendors at the Des Moines farmers market are all local, meaning visitors to the farmers market not only have a great experience, but are supporting local businesses and sharing in the pride of Des Moines.

Beyond the vendors, live entertainment is also offered at the farmers market as well as occasional activities. With such a great combination of food, goods, and activities, it’s no wonder the Des Moines farmers market was voted second on both Daily Meal’s “Best Farmers Market in America” and Shape Magazine’s “Top Farmers Market in the U.S.”.

To learn more and stay updated on the Des Moines farmers market during its 2023 season, visit the Downtown Farmers’ Market website.