New Canon camera – the Canon R6 Mark II

Canon R6 Mark II

The new Canon R6 Mark II is bringing remarkable improvements, on an already stellar mirrorless camera. Coming in at a price of $2,499 this camera gets you professional-level video and photos without completely breaking the bank. Now, let’s dive into what the R6 Mark II has to offer.

The Specs

The photo side of the Canon R6 Mark II

The predecessor to this camera, the Canon R6, has a 20-megapixel sensor, which is great for a professional-level camera. Canon decided to make it just a little bit betters in their newest upgrade, giving the R6 Mark II 24.1 megapixels, giving you that extra little bit of resolution. This puts the R6 Mark II high up in the line of cameras when it comes to resolution and quality in photos, with its higher-level older brother, the R5, which has 45 megapixels.

Canon R6 Mark II Photo Specs

Next up, let’s talk shutter speed. The R6 Mark II allows for 12 fps on mechanical shutter, but 40 fps on the electronic shutter, allowing you to capture every movement. Literally. Sports Photographers can capture every part of the game-winning catch, or Wedding Photographers can take the perfect first look. The silence of the electronic shutter is also a major benefit for those who need to be quiet when shooting.

The video side of the Canon R6 Mark II

Looking at the R6 Mark II video side, Canon has included an external 6K ProRes RAW recording as well as taking away the 30-minute cap you have on a recording. This is incredible for video content creators who film long interviews or weddings since now you are able to just set your camera up, toss in a large SD card, and let it record until you’re done. You don’t have to worry about starting a new recording after 30 minutes or missing footage.

Canon colors are something that professionals in the industry hear all about. This is something that separates Canon apart from competitors like Sony and Nikon. The Canon C-Log that the R6 Mark II allows you to capture beautiful log footage at 10-bit recording. This allows for a lot of detail in your shots, with especially crisp footage at 4k.

Should I buy the Canon R6 Mark II?

EOS R6 Mark II – The Game Changer

This camera is built for the everyday content creator. If you are someone who is looking to upgrade from a Canon R or RP, this would be a great choice for you with its reasonable price and outstanding performance. the R6 Mark II is a camera built to deliver and capture every moment, perfect for an on-the-go content creator.