The Best Restaurants In Des Moines

Exploring Des Moines and all the fabulous restaurant options the city has to offer

Des Moines’ restaurants are unique in both distinction and taste, creating one of the best pallets in America

#5 Americana

Americana, one of the more well-known restaurants in Des Moines’ downtown area, serving Asian inspired serving plates along with Steaks and Chops. Located just off the Papa John sculpture park in Des Moines, Americana is rated 4.4/5 stars on google.

The restaurant is most known for it’s atmosphere and taste, with a semi-formal atmosphere coupled with brilliant design features inside the restaurant.

Americana describes itself as a restaurant with a modern urban flair, delivering on a Midwest nice vibe. The taste of the food is renowned, and even with high prices, the view Americana offers of the Papa John sculpture park is one of a kind.

#4 Chophouse

Chophouse is a steak house restaurant located in the heart of downtown Des Moines. Chophouse offers prime USDA steaks along with innovative side dishes and an award winning wine selection from around the globe.

Chophouse is rated 4.7/5 stars on google, and is renowned for their high quality steaks that are unrivaled in downtown Des Moines.

Chophouse is located on Grand Ave in downtown Des Moines.

#3 Aposto at the Scala House

Aposto, an Italian dining experience housed inside of a Victorian mansion, is truly one of a kind. Aposto was founded by an award winning restauranteur, one Tony Lemmo.

Aposto is rated 4.7/5 stars on google, and is one of the more unique dining experiences within Des Moines.

Aposto is located on 18th street of downtown Des Moines.

#2 Harbinger

Harbinger is a vegetable focused restaurant located in downtown Des Moines. Their chef, bringing ideas formed throughout Asia, aims to keep the menu vegetable focused and true to those ideas.

Harbinger is rated 4.7/5 stars on google, and is one of the most highly rated restaurants in downtown Des Moines.

Many reviews state that Harbinger is a once in a lifetime dining experience due to their unique menu.

Harbinger is located on Ingersoll Ave in downtown Des Moines.

#1 Lachele’s Fine Foods

Lachele’s is located on Ingersoll Ave in downtown Des Moines, and is rated a 4.9/5 stars on google.

The rating alone puts this restaurant at the number one spot – the reviews claim that Lachele’s have some of the best burgers in the world, right here in Des Moines.