What’s the Des Moines Social Club

This social club is an innovative arts and entertainment place that’s located in a renovated, historic firehouse in downtown Des Moines. This non-profit allows a home for local artist to promote their music.

The social club has multiple floors with an outdoor courtyard. It also includes an art gallery, gift shop, music venue, restaurant and a coffee shop. It even has places for performances, classrooms and a non-profit office space.

On almost any night people can expect to see theater performances, pop up art galleries, circus classes, trivia competitions, live bands or art courses for the kiddies. The Des Moines social club is place for everyone of all ages.

Below are some the exciting places that people of all ages can find ways to let loose and explore their various god given talents.

The Culinary Loft

Is a place where individuals of any experience can go to explore or learn to make their favorite dishes. The culinary loft offers different classes to fit what each individual is looking for. They have series classes and single session classes for people of different ranges of experience.

The Basement

Is a place where individuals can go to experience a mix of recurring events of open mics, live music, dance parties and trivia nights. It allows for adults of drinking age a wide variety of drinks, from fine whiskeys to handcrafted cocktails.

Kum and Go Theater

This theater is Des Moines social club customizable theater that can be transformed into a black box, film, music, dance and wrestling. The theater offers free parking between 8th and 9th st and mulberry & Cherry St. This is allowed only after 5 pm and on weekends. The entrance is located on the south side of the firehouse.

Prairie Meadows courtyard

The courtyard is a place that is tucked between DMSC’s two campus buildings. The prairie meadows courtyard is where numerous weddings, concerts, food trucks and theater performances take place. Its unique look is the only space in the Des Moines social club with graffiti on bricks and backdrop.

The Malo

Is a Mexican restaurant that brings a lively atmosphere to the Des Moines social club. Its located on 900 Mulberry St Des Moines, IA 50309. From its brunch, lunch and dinner options Malo is a place that allows a great Mexican taste for everyone.

The Rooftop

Is a spot on top of the firehouse at Des Moines social club that has a eclectic feel. The Rooftop is an exclusive patio that’s located right above the prairie courtyard. What once housed firetrucks for the Des Moines Fire Department is now a spot that’s used for happy hour 3 days a week in the summer time.

The Viaduct Gallery

Is visual art that is committed to supporting artists in the local area by creating opportunities to enhance the art scene in Des Moines. The gallery can also be seen on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

The Blue Moon Studio

Is a place where artist can go to record or produce music in the Des Moines area. The studio offers intro to home and Digital recordings, condenser microphone, dynamic microphones and advanced recording techniques.

The Scenic Route Bakery

Is a daughter and father bakery that is opening in May of 2019 at the Des Moines social club. The menu will consist of coffee, pastries with the addition of grab n go breakfast and lunch items.

Now that I’ve shown everyone what the Des Moines social club is and some of things to do there. I want you to share this blog post to show the awesome things the Des Moines social club is doing to help the Art and Entertainment scene in the Des Moines area. I also want you all to go for yourself to see the awesome things the community is doing.