Why Des Moines is the root to Iowa family fun

“You can’t plant a seed without getting your hands dirty,” Mariah Dillard

So, let’s get to the root of the problem. Life is busy for both parents and kids. We manage our to-do’s and bury ourselves in technology. We are losing connection (no pun intended) with our children and our spouse. Instead, we should be planting the seed on quality family time.

It’s going to take getting your hands dirty, literally in Iowa’s rich soil. Des Moines is rich soil has produced crops along with an abundance of cultural festivals, hands-on education, and farm-to-table dining. Keep reading below on Why Des Moines is the root to Iowa’s family fun.


Nourish your body and mind at Des Moines downtown farmers’ market. Farmers market downtown Des Moines is the first Saturday of May through the last Saturday of October. With unique Winter Market indoors in November and December.

According to Country Living Magazine, Des Moines downtown farmers market is the best in the nation. Learn how Iowa’s fertile soil feeds not only the state but the nation with locally grown produce and raised meats from the farmers themselves.

Kelly Foss from Des Moines Downtown Farmers’ Market in an interview with WeAreIowa.com, says “It’s so great for people to be able to connect directly with the producer or the grower who is bringing the food to the farmers market. That their feed to their family, they can take about their growth methods, what there grown and what they are putting on it. So many of our vendors are growing organic.”

Feed your soul with over 300 vendors from all over the state with diverse arts, crafts, and entertainment.


Sip, and savor, but don’t be scared. Zombie Burger and Drink Lab is a GOREmet eatery know for creative flavors in a “post-apocalyptic chic” setting. Parents no need to be scared, this fast food is prepared by culinary experts using local fresh produce and raised meet. This farm-to-table experience is out of this world. Treat yourself to a cereal infused shake. The cereal justifies this shake as healthy, right? Adults plan a date night without the kids and enjoy a spiked shake. 


The Iowa State Fair is an 11-day festival heal in the heart of Des Moines. It’s the oldest and largest agricultural festival in the nation, bringing in over 11 million people a year, worldwide. You will find Iowa’s culture at the heart all the festivities with corn on the cob and butter cow sculpture along with free entertainment. Get a hawkeye view on of the fair and amuse yourself. With three different amusement areas, there is a ride for all on thrill-seekers in the family.

So, plant the seed, and grow as a family, creating lifetime memories of thing WE want to do, rather than things to do.