Five Local Coffee Shops in Des Moines that you should try

Des Moines is full of things to do, from the Bacon Festival to the thriving art scene, it seems like there is never a dull moment in this city. But, where do Des Moines natives go when they want to wind down? Check out some of these local coffee shops next time you need some time to decompress and get some work done.

Smokey Row Coffee Co.

Smokey Row lies in the heart of the Drake and Sherman Hill neighborhoods. The rustic atmosphere is wide open always jam packed with locals meeting for coffee, students studying and more. What makes Smokey Row a little more unique than other shops around the area is their full-length menu of everything from breakfast to dinner. Stop by and try a bowl of the local favorite, the Cheeseburger Soup with a cup of their famous coffee.

Friedrich’s Coffee Roasters

Friedrich’s Coffee has been around the greater Des Moines area for over 20 years. With 5 locations around the metro area and one in the airport, its hard to go anywhere in Des Moines without running into a Friedrich’s. Their beans are artisan roasted at their local roaster, right here in Des Moines. This business is as family-run as it gets, with ties to local churches and roaster tour offerings every few months. “I think what makes Friedrich’s Coffee unique is our wide array of bean options. From flavored coffees to your traditional imported coffees, everyone is sure to find something that they like,” Store Manager, Jennifer Villegas said.

Mars Café

While Smokey Row makes its claim as the Drake Neighborhood’s local coffee shop, Mars Café sits itself is just blocks away from campus, in what is commonly known as Dog Town. Mars offers a wide array of drinks, including a local favorite, the Honey Bee Latte – a latte with a little extra honey. Mars Café exclusively sells Kickapoo Roasters Coffee, a located in Wisconsin. Patrons can always find a local art on the walls as they enjoy a warm cup of coffee or an alcoholic beverage of their choice.

Java Joes

Java Joes finds itself in two locations in the Des Moines area. Their original location, just off of Court Avenue is on 4th Street in downtown Des Moines is surrounded by music venues, Fong’s Pizza and an array of unique bars. While it seems to be hidden on a tiny off street downtown, don’t let its location fool you. Java Joe’s has some loyal customers and it gets major attention every four years when MSNBC’s Morning Joe camps out in their shop for filming during the Iowa Caucuses.

Scenic Route Bakery

Scenic Route Bakery is one of Des Moines’ newer bakeries and coffee shops. Located in the heart of the East Village, one of Des Moines’ hottest neighborhoods. Scenic Route services the area’s locals as well as those working in the Capitol Complex. They’ve been known to see political celebrities, such as Hillary Clinton who visited during the caucuses.

These five shops are only the beginning; Des Moines is full of local coffee roasters, bakeries and good eats. Check them out and let us know which is your favorite!