The House Party: Bringing Life Back into Des Moines Hip-Hop

One wouldn’t assume that the hip-hop scene in Des Moines is thriving; but Station 1 Record’s House Party is working on changing that. The non-profit label for local artists has had concerts at the Drake University neighborhood venue, Lefty’s, in the past year with more of an alternative-rock vibe. With recent rap/hip-hop signee, MarKaus, Station 1 is making the bold move to reinvigorate the hip-hop scene in Des Moines.

When Station 1 Records signed MarKaus, Director Tobi Parks and label realized “It’s important to create a space for hip hop in the Des Moines music scene…. it’s there but limited.” And the outline for The House Party began. Continue reading “The House Party: Bringing Life Back into Des Moines Hip-Hop”

Trekking Trails: Get Outdoors in Iowa

Picture this: It’s sunny, above 20 degrees, and there’s not a cloud in sight. You have the whole day free, and you’ve finished binging on Netflix. It’s time to take to the trails, and get outdoors. But before you grab your kids, your bike, your dog and your friends, think about this: How is it possible that you get to go outside and enjoy all that Iowa’s landscape has to offer and not pay a single cent? Continue reading “Trekking Trails: Get Outdoors in Iowa”